This past weekend a couple of friends and I stayed at IS@K hostel in Itaewon (which was very nice) and had a birthday dinner at Santino's nearby. Located on the same side of the street as Noodle Box, it's down the street from the itaewon metro like you're walking towards the CHEIL building or IP Hotel. it's upstairs with an orange awning and sign out front on the right side of the street.

THIS PLACE WAS MAGICAL and FANTASTIC. Every single person there was EXTREMELY pleasant and helpful and the food was like being at an Italian restaurant back in the states. We got spaghetti, pizza, and cheesy penne pasta dish which all were great. We ordered drinks and they were as potent as they were delicious. All the dishes were in the $19 range but the taste, while living in Korea, was well worth it!

I will always recommend and frequent Santino's whenever I'm in Itaewon and in the mood for Italian food. Give it a try - you will not be disappointed. 

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